The Most Accurate & Accessible Video Platform.

Optimize, Reduce & Make Video Catalogues Accessible & Inclusive at a Fractional Cost.

Ziotag's generative AI takes every word, idea, and concept of Virtual classrooms (Zoom), Webcasting, Training, Lectures, Sales presentations & Demos, and Video broadcasting and transforms them into infinitely searchable results showing up in a Table of Content (TOC) with adjoining Descriptions for rapid and easy use.

Every segment and talking point of Enterprise, Educational & Government video catalogues are now properly indexed, fully searchable and organized in a Table of Content (TOC) with Summaries for rapid navigation and high-performance user experience.

The Problem

      Viewers can not find information embedded within online videos and few have the time or inclination to watch the entire video.

             All people, including those with vision, hearing, and earning disabilities have difficulty navigating informational videos.

              1.  Industry has created sub-optimized scenarios for content producers and viewers. 

              2.  Only 28% of Corporate, University, or Government users pay attention to training videos.

              3.  Only 6% say that they never pay attention to training videos.

              4.  Video search keywords (YouTube or ASR) have 60 - 70% accuracy rates; 1:3 words are incorrect.

              5.  Lack of providers with AI-generated navigable Table of Contents and Summaries.

The Solution

     Ziotag makes every word, idea, & concept within each video infinitely searchable and easy to navigate with a Table of Contents. 

            Automated Table of Content (Table of Contents) with summaries and descriptions support engagement and retention.

            1.  Video Accessibility & Inclusion for the User, Educator, Professional, Student, and Publisher.

             2.  Optimizes Training, HR, Sales, Investor Relations, Marketing, Webinars, Classroom, & Branding.

             3.  Video & Audio are Accessible & Inclusive with 1.5X engagement and retention.

             4.  Unlocks hidden meaning with pinpoint accuracy for Video & Audio learning assets.

             5.  Ziotag serves Fortune 500, Universities, S Federal, State, and Local Governments.

                                             Meet Your Team

“Using Ziotag's generative AI to solve accessibility issues for all people, including those with vision, hearing and learning disabilities is brilliant.  The pragmatic way that Ziotag solves these problems opens up a new world of educational, training, and informational videos for these people.  It enables them to lead richer more inclusive lives.  Ziotag is a must have for anyone managing a medium to large video library."

Mahesh Thakur, CEO of Stealth Startup, former VP of Products at GoDaddy.

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Ellen Cohen
Board  Advisor

Esther Dyson
Advisor and Investor

Mahesh Thakur

Michael Patellis

Growth Advisor 

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