“You Wouldn’t Publish A Book Without A Table Of Contents, So Why Are You Publishing Your Videos Without One?”

Using Ziotags AI technology to make videos easier to watch and search enables  the viewer and the publisher to unleashing the great content that is “hidden” inside these videos.

Jeff Paul // Co-founder, CEO @ ATD techknowledge 2020

Make Your Videos Fully Searchable & Easy to Navigate with Ziotag’s AI Driven Video

Get more viewers, increase watch time and retention, and improve audience engagement. Make it faster and easier to search, watch, and share your online videos with Ziotag.

What Is Ziotag? AI Driven Video!

The Best Way To Make Your Video Content Easy To Search And Navigate

Ziotag delivers AI Powered Videos that make searching and navigating video content a seamless experience.

Ziotag makes every word of your video fully searchable with results showing up as a clickable timestamp to the moment of that search phrase.

Every segment and talking point of your entire video library is now properly indexed and organized.

Viewers can search your video gallery or skim the AToC of specific videos to find the topics that are most relevant for them and stay engaged longer because they are consuming exactly what they’re interested in, and interacting with it.

This is an absolute game-changer to get more views and engagement for video podcasters, event producers, online courses, learning and development professionals, content marketers, webinar hosts, and anyone else publishing or watching videos.

Works With Your Online Videos

When To Use Ziotag

Trying To Find Something In A Long Video?

Stop skimming and scrubbing through video timelines.

The Ziotag Actionable Table Of Contents will contextualize all of the content in a video and let you click to watch specific segments.

Do You Have Videos That Simply Don’t Get Viewed?

Do you have a library of content already produced and published, but no one is engaging with them?

The Ziotag clickable, timestamped segments make it easy for your audience to find, watch, and even share the best parts of your videos.

Want More People to Find Your Videos?

Are you publishing great videos online, but no one is finding them?

Ziotags AI Driven Video creates optimized content from your video so more people will find you when searching online for your topics..