Unlocking knowledge, insights and value in Enterprise videos

We accelerate engagement, retention and knowledge transfer across under-performing and costly video & audio assets to identify millions of dollars of cost takeout.

Optimize, Reduce & Make Video Catalogues Accessible & Inclusive at a Fractional Cost.

Ziotag takes every word, idea and concept of Virtual classrooms (Zoom), Webcasting, Training, Lectures, Sales presentations & Demos, and Video broadcasting and transforms them into infinitely searchable with results showing up in a Table of Content (TOC) with adjoining Descriptions for rapid ease use.

Every segment and talking point of Enterprise, Educational & Government video catalogues are now properly indexed, fully  searchable and organized in a Table of Content (TOC) with Summaries for rapid navigation and high-performance UserExperience.

The Problem

        Viewers can not find information embedded within online videos and few have the time or inclination to watch the entire video.

            People with vision, hearing, & ADA learning disabilities have great difficultly with no "Metadata" for Screen Readers.

              1.  Industry has created sub-optimized scenarios for content producers and viewers. 

              2.  Only 28% of Corporate, University or Government users pay attention to training videos.

              3.  Only 6% say that they never pay attention to training videos.

              4.  Video search keywords (YouTube or ASR) have 60 - 70% accuracy rates; 1:3 words incorrect.

              5.  Lack of providers with AI generated navigable Table of Contents and Summaries.

The Solution

         Ziotag makes every word, idea, & concept within video infinitely searchable at high accurach with rapid user navigation.

            Automated Table of Content (TOC) with summaries and dscriptions provide rapid engagement and retention.

            1.  Video Accessibilty & Inclusion for the User, Educator, Professional, Student, and Publisher.

             2.  Optimizes Training, HR, Sales, Investor Relations, Marketing, Webinars, Classroom, & Branding.

             3.  Video & Audio are Accessible  & Inclusive with 1.5X engagement and retention.

             4.  Unlocks hidden meaning with pinpoint accuracy for Video & Audio learnining assets.

             5.  Ziotag serves Fortune 500, Universities, Federal, State and Local Governments.

"Don't tell me that the answer to my problem is in this 60 minute video, tell me exactly where in the video the answer is."

Esther Dyson