Ziotag revolutionizes the way people

view, share and discover video content.

We allow people to ‘crack open’ video content and find the critical information they are looking for. This is a game changer for meetings, events, and education – the possibilities are limitless!

Watch us in Action

Ziotag Professional

Ziotag Professional delivers a powerful transcription and editing environment to content creators and publishers. The Ziotag Video Preview enables you to see your video while interactively working with the Ziotag Tagging Editor and the Transcription Editor. 

Ziotag Video Gallery

The Ziotag Video Gallery allows your videos to work the way you do. Whether you organize your videos by audience, topics, events or locations 

Ziotag for Zoom

Ziotag for Zoom is a game changer for Zoom meetings and presentations. The world has changed dramatically and the new normal demands millions of online meetings a day. 

“Ziotag is blazing a new path for content producers and aggregators to provide more useful and engaging products to their audiences. Their powerful AI Platform opens an entirely new way for people with vision, hearing, and learning disabilities to consume informational videos

Rob Savette, Chairman, Top 10% Gaming and HR Expert; CEO, Founder of Almas Insight.