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Ziotag makes searching and navigating video content a seamless viewing experience. Our advanced AI automatically generates transcripts while creating an Actionable Table of Contents (AToC) that makes every word and subject of your video fully searchable

Problems We Solve


Distance learning has driven explosive growth in the use of video in education. Ziotag provides the ideal solution for searching and sharing classroom content.


Long training videos are easily searched and accessed. Learners can find exactly what they need to learn in an instant and easily find additional materials.

Digital Publishing

Ziotag's AI enriches your videos, uncovers the meaning locked inside, and gives them real relevance to your teams today. Find exactly what you need with pinpoint accuracy.

Human Resources

From sharing candidate interviews to distributing information about employee onboarding and benefits, Ziotag can easily enable information distribution for the HR Department.

Event Management

Event managers can create custom ZioGalleries where they can publish content and attendees can search and share presentations. It’s the ideal post event content distribution solution.

Video Editing

Ziotag is the perfect post production distribution tool. Once you’ve created your content Ziotag's AI engine enables you to easily search and navigate your completed video.


The perfect solution for distributing meeting content. Meeting attendees can easily share the right content with right people – even if people missed the meeting.

News Bureau

The news doesn’t always come in two minute clips. Longer form news clips and documentaries use our patented AI services to easily create an actionable table of contents for viewing and sharing.

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