AI-powered video accessible to all!

Ziotag is the generative AI-powered accessible video platform that makes the information contained within video and audio content accessible for everyone including those people with visual, hearing, and neurological disabilities. Ziotag promotes discovery, search, navigation, engagement, retention, and knowledge transfer for everyone.  It is a game changer for people with disabilities and is a key component in digital transformation to bridge the digital divide and allow everyone access to digital information so they can live a more inclusive and rewarding life. 

How We Do It

Ziotag is a B2B SaaS offering that transforms video and makes it accessible by automatically delivering Transcription, Key Concept detection, Segmentation & Titling, and an Actionable Table of Contents with Chapters, Sub-chapters & Summaries. 

For Enterprises

AI generated segments make ideas discussed inside your lectures, education, training, events, and endless videos instanly searchable by search engines, and navigable.

Accessibility For All

Ziotag removes barriers in online video making them accessible.

You get fast discovery, search, 

and navigation for everyone  &

people with vision, hearing, 

& learning disabilities

“Ziotag does for video and audio what Google Maps does for navigation… it lets you see the forest and the trees.”

Esther Dyson, called "the world's most influential woman in all the computer world,"7th Entrepreneur who changed the world", "Industry's most influential woman,"Founder, Chairman of ICANN, Portfolio Entrepreneur, and Investor and Board Member, ZioTag

Who We Serve


Ziotag delivers Accessibilty & Inclusion with high-cost, and sub-optimal student or user usage with Distance learning (Zoom), Classroom Lectures, Webcasts, Training, Webinars and all Education video and interctaive learning assets.


Ziotag's turns Enterprise Video & Audio into Accessible & Inclusive assets with 1.5X engagement and retention. It unlocks hidden meaning with pinpoint accuracy for HR, Sales, Investor Relations, Marketing, Webinars, & Branding interactive assets.


Ziotag delivers the most cost-effective and lowest-cost Video & Audio platform that produces Accessibilty & Inclusion for Federal, State and Local government. Our platform supports ADA across all government categories.

Our Business Outcomes

Ziotag ROI 1 Customers served!

The Ziotag payback is guaranteed with our

12 month services agreements.

 Higher Revenues 1 % Customers served!

Companies with Accesibility & Inclusion can achieve 28% greater profits.

 Net Income of Peers 1 X Customers served!

Companies with Accesibility & Inclusion can produce two times income levels of their peers.

What Customers & Experts Are Saying

ESTHER DYSON "world's most influential woman in computer world","7th entrepreneurs who changed the world","Industry's most influential woman",Founder, Chair of ICANN,entrepreneurs Investor 23ANDME,EVENTFUL,MEETUP.

“Ziotag does for video, audio, and documents what Google Maps does for navigation… It lets you see the forest and the trees.”

Investor and Advisor to Ziotag 

Mahesh Thakur, CEO Stealth Startup, former VP Products GoDaddy, intuit, former Sr. Products Amazon, Microsoft.

“Using AI to help solve the accessibility issues of people with vision, hearing, and neurological disabilities is brilliant. Ziotag solves these problems for new and existing videos opening up a new world of educational, training, and entertainment videos for this audience. I applaud Ziotag on helping to bridge the digital divide for people with disabilities."


““I’ve been using Ziotag for over two years and in that time, it has been an absolute savior for me.”

founder and ceo of My blind spot, Global leader in implementing accessible systems and tools

"Ziotag is one of the most promising digital platforms I have seen. Ziotag is the AI-powered video platform that is accessible, functional, and most importantly, usable by people reliant on assistive devices in addition to being a game changer for people of all abilities."

PROFESSOR GRAHAM MOREHEAD, GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, World known predictive analytics, AI,ml,NLU, Data science, sr computational scientist medicine. 

“Ziotag extracts meaning from my raw videos. The students in my AI course see each lecture as if it were a textbook -- with chapters and titles, and it's searchable. There's nothing else like it."

ziotag customers

"Using AI to solve accessibility for people with vision, hearing, and neurological disabilities is brilliant. Ziotag solves this for all videos opening a new world of educational, training & entertainment videos for this audience. I applaud Ziotag on bridging the digital divide for everyone including people with disabilities."

Mahesh Mohan Thakur, Ltd. Partner, Stage 2 Capital, one of 100 "Executive Coaches", past GM GoDaddy, past Head Product Intuit, past Sr. Products, Amazon & Microsoft.