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Ziotag Selected by New York Distance Learning Association to Enhance the Discovery, Navigation, and Viewing of Video Podcasts for the “Coffee in the Clouds” Program


The strategic partnership between Ziotag and the New York Distance Learning Association (NYDLA) means that NYDLA’s 4+ million members will be able to discover and navigate the most relevant information to them within their video podcasts. 

New  York,  NY,  March 2, 2021 ( Ziotag today announces that it will be using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to partner with NYDLA, the premier remote work, distance and digital learning, and collaboration association in the United States. This partnership will help NYDLA to organize and optimize the viewer’s experience across its wide-ranging library of video podcasts for the “Coffee in the Clouds” Program.

Due to COVID-19, (and now increased their reach to cover all of North America, now servicing the 579 million citizens of North America, expanding from the 55 million of the New York Megalopolis.  

Ziotag Inc., is a pioneering New York area based technology startup that will help facilitate this expansion, using it’s proprietary AI driven deep-tagging services to identify the meaning within the media created at NYLDA. By searching and navigating video and audio through this identification tagging, Ziotag transforms video content into an easily accessible, rewarding, and relevant experience.

Coffee in the Clouds is a series of interviews conducted by Mr. Thomas Capone, the CEO of NYDLA, with thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, comedians, and actors. These interviews provide information, insight, and drive thought provoking questions. The “Coffee in the Clouds” program enlightens the listener, all while promoting something very much needed at this time: a sense that we all have something in common – we are all human. 

Ziotag will leverage its AI technology to automatically tag and classify new video podcasts to be consumed by NYDLA’s members interested in cutting edge technology and techniques for distance learning. The platform segments the video podcasts into chapters and sections called ‘Ziotags’, delivering users directly to the relevant moments of the content that precisely match their search query. 

With Ziotag, enterprises can expose the valuable information locked inside video to users looking for very specific content. Search results are highly relevant and extremely accurate, because Ziotag’s AI engine is uncovering the meaning within each video and imposing a natural structure – aka a Table of Contents. This makes the videos both easy to find and interactive. Ziotag takes isolated islands of information and makes them shareable, reusable, and most importantly – immediately accessible.

Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag CEO and Co-Founder stated, “Ziotag is transforming the way that enterprises tag, classify, share, and watch educational and business content. It is improving the way that people interact with content and it delivers a more satisfying viewing experience. Partnering with NYDLA validates our vision and accelerates our growth.”  

In a pandemic world, society has come to find out just how valuable technology tools such as video, video calling, and online collaboration dashboards are. Without them, work, school, and even socializing would have all fallen by the wayside. Ziotag is an example of the kind of innovation that can help society keep up with the escalating demands of remote learning and working. 

“We are delighted to partner with an exciting company like Ziotag that is committed to bringing our educators, learners, and professionals groundbreaking technology,” stated Thomas Capone, NYDLA Founder and CEO. “This makes our content more efficient and easy to discover. Partnering with Ziotag fulfills our promise to consistently deliver solutions that make collaboration and learning more fulfilling and efficient in a digital world.”

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