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Ziotag Selected by ConTech.Live as the On-Demand Streaming Platform for ConTech Week 2020


Ziotag’s groundbreaking technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to enhance the search, navigation, and sharing of on-demand scholarly content.

[New  York,  NY]  Ziotag Inc., a  pioneering  New  York area based technology startup that uses  Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  to make searching and navigating video and audio content a  seamless experience, announced today that it has entered a partnership with ConTech.Live to provide the Ziotag AI-powered On-Demand Streaming Platform for the upcoming ConTech Week event to be held November 16-19, 2020. 

ConTech Week 2020 is a global event for the product, content, and technology decision-makers within scholarly, research, and professional publishing organizations. 

Ziotag’s groundbreaking platform leverages AI and semantic web technology to automatically tag and classify content for any video or audio file.  The platform automates the tagging and classification process and breaks the media into chapters and sections, called ‘Ziotags’, allowing users to jump directly to the most relevant part of the content. 

With Ziotag, event attendees can automatically search for sections of On-Demand sessions by topic, speaker, or both.  Ziotag enhances content-rich sessions and makes them searchable, discoverable, and most importantly, easy to watch. 

Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag CEO and Co-Founder stated, “Ziotag is transforming the way that event organizers publish their on-demand content to make it fully searchable, easy to navigate and share. It is improving the way that people interact with content and it delivers a more satisfying viewing experience. Partnering with ConTech.Live allows their viewers to have a better virtual event experience, validates our vision, and accelerates our growth.”  

Clive Snell, Managing Director of ConTech.Live stated, “We are delighted to partner with an exciting company like Ziotag.  We are committed to bringing our event presenters and attendees a rich, rewarding, and information-packed online experience. By utilizing the Ziotag AI-powered On-Demand Streaming Platform it will extend the life and value of our events and deliver real results for our presenters and attendees.” 

About  Ziotag  Inc.: 

Ziotag is an AI-powered video player that makes searching and navigating video content a seamless experience. Any enterprise or organization that is using video as part of its growth strategy will realize greater viewer satisfaction through Ziotag’s improved search and navigation capabilities.  Ziotag listens to and watches videos from a library using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and will automatically generate transcripts and an Actionable Table of Contents  (AToC)  by understanding the context of the conversations in the video while adding  ‘deep tags’  to each segment in the  AToC. For more information, visit 

About ConTech.Live:  

ConTech.Live (part of Info International Ltd) based in the UK is aimed at a senior-level multi-faceted community of scholarly, professional and B2B publishers and suppliers working at the intersection of content with technology. Our core audience are heads of digital product management, heads of content, data and technology, publishers and publishing directors.

The ConTech Week event is unique as it is about data science and AI opportunities, tools and techniques but through the lens of those working in content and information science. For more information visit 

Name:  Jeffrey Paul
Phone:  908-723-1728

Name:   Clive Snell
Phone:    +44 1628 947950

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