ZioNotes – The AI Driven “Cliffs Notes” style study guide
generator for educational videos

zioNotes is a game changer for educators, researchers and students. Now it is simpler than ever to transform new and existing educational videos, lectures, and presentations into high powered infinitely searchable study guides and educational assets. Armed with Ziotag’s powerful “Actionable Table of Contents” (AToC), students and teachers can search, navigate and share their own educational videos.

zioNotes is the first self-service educational publishing platform that uses artificial intelligence to understand the concepts and ideas that are being discussed inside the video, then automatically create a transcript and Actionable Table of Contents (AToC). The transcript and AToC is infinitely searchable so that students and researchers can easily scan thousands of hours of video and audio content to locate the specific topic they are interested in. It has already saved students and teachers thousands of hours of research and tutoring.

  • The AI Driven “Cliff Notes” style study guide generator for educational videos. It makes any educational video easy to discover, search, navigate, share and watch.
  • zioNotes uses AI to understand the meaning locked inside your video and make it visible.
  • zioNotes automatically creates an Actionable Table of Contents (AToC) that allows users to search, browse and share.
  • zioNotes increases productivity, retention & comprehension for students.
  • Enhanced Search and Navigation means faster more precise results.
  • The AToC gives viewers control over their viewing experience.
  • Support for usage reporting is available.
  • Smart Gallery for courseware-
  • Compatible with, YouTube, Kaltura, Vimeo, Zoom, and more.
  • Institutional branded player-
  • Global gallery indexing & search
  • Human assisted curation
  • Easy Integration
  • Professional Services Available
  • zioNotes transcript generator –world class AI powered speech to text transcription engine.
  • zioNotes Actionable Table of Contents generator;
  • zioNotes patented Concept Engine listens to and understand the content of your videos. The Concept Engine generates:
    • Video Chapters
    • Video Segments
    • Summaries
    • Keywords
  • zioNotes human curation editing tool. Want to customize your table of contents and transcripts? It is easy with zioNotes. Included with your subscription is a visual editing tool that allows you to see on one screen the video, the transcript, the chapters, segments, summaries, and keywords. You get a 360 degree of all the metadata around your video and take complete control. It is simple and powerful.
  • zioNotes Smart Gallery – the simple to use and customizable video gallery shows off your educational videos. Completely searchable by topic and concept, the zioNotes Gallery is your perfect companion to make your videos discoverable, user-friendly and useful.