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Video Analytics Strategy, Tactics, and Tools For Increasing Your Performance

Video analytics got you stuck? Not sure how to properly setup your tracking, what tools to use, or what to measure in your video reports?

If you’re publishing videos online then you need to have a strategy for how you’ll be measuring, monitoring, and improving your efforts.

That’s why we brought on world leading analytics expert Chris Mercer from to help you get a clear cut way to see what improvements you can make to your video strategy that will make a big impact on your results beyond the basic ‘how many views did we get’ conversation.

If you want to understand more about the metrics around your video efforts, whether it’s for content marketing, sales videos, webinars, or e-learning, then today’s episode is for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • What are the simple mistakes most people make when getting started with tracking their video analytics
  • How to plan out your video analytics strategy so that the actual tracking and dashboards are easy to create and use
  • What KPIs should you be monitoring in your video analytics dashboard?
  • Are there baseline metrics to help you understand if your videos are doing terrible, great, or mediocre?
  • Where to find inspiration for your video strategies
  • About a dozen little golden nuggets throughout

Free Resources To Get You Started With Video Analytics

Want some free resources to help you get started? Go to to get access to Mercer’s great tools and templates that make your reporting and analytics work way faster and easier.

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