Slide Webinar Exploring ZioNotes: The “Cliff’s Notes Generator” for Educational Video
Rev + Ziotag
Dec. 8, 2021 | 12:00 PM CT

Join Rev + Ziotag for a discussion on how to use AI to turn lectures, classroom training and any educational video into a powerful, searchable and navigable research and educational asset.

Three words: Discover. Search. Navigation. Those are the three killer applications that teachers and students want when deploying educational videos. Since the onset of the pandemic, teachers have become the “Super Heroes” of creating educational content. The exploding amount of educational content being generated has made it more difficult than ever to discover, search and navigate videos. It takes the power of an AI driven video platform to make your content easy to find, search, navigate and watch. And it works directly with your Rev generated transcripts. Join us as Sara Ciskie, Enablement Manager at Rev, chats with Ziotag’s Co-Founder Tereza d’Andrade and Ziotag power users Ryan Paul, a student at Rutgers University, and Justin Goldston, PhD. a professor at Georgetown University. Sara and Tereza will direct a live discussion and demonstration about how teachers and students are using AI to accelerate the ddiscovery, search and navigation of educational videos to better reach their audiences and reduce the time to complete research assignments.

During this session Rev and Ziotag will chat about:

⦁ How to make sure your viewers can easily find topics and concepts embedded inside your videos;
⦁ How to use AI to build an Actionable Table of Contents for any educational video;
⦁ How to automatically generate synopses for each part of your videos
⦁ How you can use AI to reduce the time it takes to perform research on YouTube or other video platforms by more than 90%

How Rev and Ziotag help Teachers and Students

Rev provides highly accurate speech-to-text solutions for video and audio, making content accessible, searchable and referenceable helping to increase collaboration and comprehension for all learners. ZioNotes enables educators to make their videos easy to search, navigate and watch instructional videos. When using Rev and Ziotag together, your video content will reach more learners, more effectively.

This event’s speakers are:

Sara Ciskie, Sales Enablement and Training at Rev

Sara Ciskie oversees Sales Enablement and Training at Rev. With 6 years of Rev expertise, Sara has sat in several positions at Rev including roles in sales and customer success. Sara is passionate about helping customers within the education industry get the highest value out of the Rev platform.



Tereza d’Andrade, Co-Founder, Ziotag

Tereza has 15+ years experience in video and media communications, and is a founding member of the company.  She is a big believer in bringing the power of video to the viewer by finally making it findable and browsable just like everything else on the internet!
She has spent many years working closely with publishers, professors, and students to understand their unique needs and design advanced capabilities that advance learning for all kinds of people and styles.


Justin Goldston, PhD, Georgetown University

Justin Goldston, PhD is a Professor of Supply Chain Management at Georgetown University, as well as Professor and Coordinator of Project and Supply Chain Management at Penn State. He’s also a frequent TEDx Speaker where he often talks about his other passions, Blockchain and AI. Justin will share today his enthusiasm about the positive difference that AI-driven video is making in his teaching.


Ryan Paul, Rutgers University

Ryan Paul is a graduate of Rutgers University Software Bootcamp, and is currently a third year student enrolled in the Computer Sciences Program at Rutgers University, with a specialty in AI. Ryan completed an internship with the Ziotag software development team from January through August  2021 working alongside the data scientists, data architects and developers to bring the first version of Ziotag to life. Recognizing a good thing when he saw it, he realized he could use AI & Ziotag to advance his studies and research. His work was the inspiration for the development of ZioNotes. He’ll be telling that story today.