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Ziotag Professional

Ziotag Professional

Ziotag Professional delivers a powerful transcription and editing environment to content creators and publishers. The Ziotag Video Preview enables you to see your video while interactively working with the Ziotag Tagging Editor and the Transcription Editor. This not only allows you to create an AI Driven Table of Contents that shareable and actionable, but you can preview the written product as your working!

The editing environment for Ziotag Professional allows you complete control over how your AToc will enable your viewers to manage their experience.


Many videos that contain critical or complex content are longer then a few minutes however research has shown that the longer the video is the less likely it is that the viewer will watch, and retain, anything more then the first few moments. Finding the exact content the viewer is looking for is too difficult and once found, sharing that content is an even bigger problem.


Ziotag uses Machine Learning and Natural Language to automatically unlock your video content. Once your content has been processed by Ziotag your search and discovery capabilities expand dramatically. Giving you the ability to share the exact moment in time your viewers need to watch.

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