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Ziotag Video Gallery

Ziotag Video Gallery

The Ziotag Video Gallery allows your videos to work the way you do. Whether you organize your videos by audience, topics, events or locations The Ziotag Video Gallery enables you to place the videos you need to share in a central location allowing your viewers to search across multiple videos and documents and find related content not based solely on words and phrases but but ideas and concepts. Once search command will be able to find any st of what you are looking for – and the exact exact place that instance occurs within your content!

Ziotag Video Gallery is the perfect post-show service for your attendees


One of our clients runs a business that supports online events. They needed to create a post show meeting place that would allow their attendees to revisit the talks they attended, and to revisit and share the interesting parts with co-workers and clients. This would extend the show experience for the event management company and dramatically improve the experience for the attendees.


The Ziotag Video Gallery enabled our client to have all of the presentations posted with a fully automated Table of Contents before the show even ended! Their attendees could go to one search experience and find every related topic, across all presentations, in seconds. Once they had found the content they were looking for they were able to take that exact moment in time and immediately share it with anyone that needed it. Instant access and distribution of the exact content they wanted to share!

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