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Ziotag for Zoom

Ziotag for Zoom

Ziotag for Zoom is a game changer for Zoom meetings and presentations. The world has changed dramatically and the new normal demands millions of online meetings a day. Note taking and content distribution is a snap with Ziotag for Zoom – you just turn it on and when you’re meeting is over you get a full transcript of the meeting, with the content fully tagged – making distribution a breeze.


Ziotag allows you to share and distribute the contents of your Zoom calls


When our meetings moved online it became increasingly difficult to manage the flow of information. This became even more complicated when people found more and more conflicts in their schedules and recaps they were receiving were not always in line with the information they needed to find.


Ziotag for Zoom became the perfect online meeting distribution tool. Our meetings were recorded and tagged. Everyone got the same notes – we used the transcript. Then everyone on the distribution list could watch the same meeting – even if they weren’t able to attend! Best of all, you could pick a single piece of information, find it and then share it with your boss – not the whole video, just exactly what they wanted to see.

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