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How To Use Educational Content As Your Growth Engine To $8 Billion Dollars Like Hubspot

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educational content as a growth engine nick sal

Today’s guest is Nick Salvatoriello aka Nick Sal aka The Original Voice of Inbound Marketing.

Nick is a long time friend and member of the original team that started the Hubspot Academy in 2011. So you are gonna get insights on the beginning and growth stages of what is now an almost $8 Billion Dollar company

Watch this episode to hear how a handful of 20 somethings with headphones and webcams turned educational video content into a massive growth engine that played a key role in building Hubspot’s stronghold position as THE go to authority in the modern marketing industry.

You’ll learn how you can get started attracting better customers, channel partners, increasing lifetime customer value, reducing churn, and building a crazy successful company from the unscalable grunt work it takes to begin to the scalable strategies it takes to grow.

Whether you want to do content marketing, integrate an elearning strategy for lead gen and customer success, or use video for sales outreach, engagement and closing deals, we cover it all.

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