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How To Transition To Virtual Meetings & Events and Grow Your Business With A Side Brand

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Transitioning To Virtual Meetings and Events

With the timely topic of the Coronavirus cutting back on business travel and forcing companies to transition to more remote work and meetings, we have on video LiveStream expert Paul Richards from StreamGeeks to provide some guidance on making a rapid transition to more virtual meetings and events.  You’ll also learn the power of live-streaming and content marketing and how it helped Paul build a Side Brand with a dedicated fan base. And how this was all inspired by one of his early videos taking off out of nowhere to sell out one of their new products.  And it’s not just about Likes and Shares. It’s about how building your brand around the idea of being helpful will actually increase your sales in a big way.  Paul gives us some really great growth hacks for

  • Getting started with your video marketing
  • Rapidly building an audience
  • The principles to follow to beat the organic reach limitations that everyone seems to struggle with today

He also gives us the biggest thing he wish he knew when he was getting started, and it’s not what you would think, coming from a tech guy.

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Watch This Episode To Learn How To Transition From In Person To Virtual Meetings and Events, Plus Increase Sales Exponentially With A Side Brand

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