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How To Run A Virtual Event Your Attendees Will Love

Are you an event planner or event producer making the pivot to running virtual events?

Trying to figure out the best way to design your event online to match a great in person experience?

Our guest today, Will Curran from Endless Events, has been producing small and large scale events for years and brings us his technical expertise to learn how we can host online events that our attendees will love.

In this episode a few things Will shows us:

  • The proper thought process for designing a successful virtual event
  • Why Zoom might be popular, but probably not the right tool for your online event
  • How to budget your virtual event and get the most value from your speakers, setup, and attendees
  • The key to creating a community and experience for your attendees that will get them raving about your event
  • How to increase the value for your attendees and your business so you can turn your old one time event into an ongoing experience that keeps your audience engaged on an ongoing basis

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