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How To Increase Your Brand Engagement With A Daily Facebook Live Show

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How To Increase Your Brand Engagement With A Daily Facebook Live Show

When today’s guest launched his new software company,, he had built up an anxious list of customers on his waitlist but needed to keep them engaged and keep his brand top of mind while the product was still being completed…so he decided to test out doing Facebook Lives. Which quickly turned into daily live videos where he talks with interesting guests about how to break down big goals into easy action steps to get started (which is also the premise of what his software helps with).

While getting started felt like an uphill battle, the value was clear as people were tuning in for the fun and knowledgeable live streams. Now he’s doing video 6 days a week with ease and just crossed over the 50 episode mark.

So how did Josh push through that early struggle when most people quit?

What does he wish he knew sooner in his video streaming journey to make it a little easier?

How does he manage to recruit so many quality guests so quickly?

Watch this episode to learn all that and more so you can implement his expertise in your business and take your videos to the next level.

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Learn more about Josh over on Facebook and check out the Firebuilders show at

Watch Now To Discover How To Increase Brand Engagement With A Daily Facebook Live Show

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