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How To Build A Content Driven Business With Will Wang

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018 How To Build A Content Driven Business With Will Wang

Struggling to get customers from your content?

Hate the idea of “selling” and want an alternative that makes it easy and comfortable?

That’s exactly what you get with a Content Driven Business, and our guest Will Wang breaks it all down for us. He’s a master at using content to generate massive business results.

Will’s track record speaks for itself, just a couple of examples of his results:

  • Cold emails that get 80-90% open rate, and 20-60% reply rate depending on the industry
  • Taking a single product line from an 8 figure business and more than tripling sales within 30 days, adding $3M on the bottom line.

If Your Content Isn’t Getting You Customers, This Is For You

In this episode we break down:

  • What makes good content that resonates to get those kind of responses
  • Creating a customer Journey that builds trust and authority
  • The step by step process to turn a half hour episode into 3 months of content marketing assets
  • Key lessons from a failed podcast that turned into successful launches
  • How to use content to get customers especially if you hate sales

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Learn How To Build A Content Driven Business

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