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Make Searching And Navigating Your Video Content A Seamless Experience With This AI-Assisted Video Player

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Why Video Publishers Love Ziotag

Don't let your hard work go to waste by not getting ongoing value from your videos after they're published.

With your Ziotag Pro player for your videos:

  • Make your videos more engaging and interactive to build stronger rapport and connection with your audience
  • Improve watch time and retention for your existing videos
  • Get your viewers to actually consume the content that you're publishing so they take the action you are leading them towards in your videos
  • Attract more viewers to your published videos by automatically making the content searchable with clickable time stamps and deep tagging

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What Comes With Your Ziotag Pro Account?

  • Make Your Video Content Searchable
  • Actionable Table Of Contents
  • AI Deep Tagging
  • Editable, Timestamped Transcriptions With Natural Language Processing
  • Automatically Identify and Separate Speakers With Speaker Diarization
  • Embeddable Video Player To Enhance The Viewing Experience On Your Own Website
  • Custom Branding
  • Data & Analytics
  • 5 Hours / Month Of Video Processing
  • 5 BONUS Hours / Month Of Video Processing
  • Discounted rate on additional hours
  • Unlimited Manually Tagged Videos
  • Unlimited Video Views

Eliminating The Biggest Problems
For Video Publishers

You're Not Getting Found By Your Target Audience

Searchable Video Content & Deep Tagging

Are you publishing great videos online, but no one is finding them?

The Ziotag player creates optimized content from your video so more people will find you when searching online for your topics.

Your Viewers Are Dropping Off
Too Early

Actionable Table of Contents

Stop making your viewers skim and scrub through video timelines.

The Ziotag Actionable Table Of Contents will contextualize all of the content in your video and let viewers click to watch specific segments they are interested in.

Your Old Videos Aren't Getting Engagement


Do you have a library of content already produced and published, but no one is engaging with them? 

The Ziotag clickable, timestamped segments make it easy for your audience to find, watch, and even share the best parts of your videos.

You work hard creating your videos.
You deserve more viewers, engagement, and impact for your efforts. 

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  • Make Your Video Content Searchable
  • Actionable Table Of Contents
  • AI-Assisted Deep Tagging
  • Editable, Timestamped Transcriptions With Natural Language Processing
  • Speaker Identification To Automatically Determine and Separate Speakers
  • Unlimited Manually Tagged Videos
  • Unlimited Views

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