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How To Increase Customer Engagement With Videos And A Facebook Group

If you're struggling to build a community around your existing customers so they are more engaged with your brand and use your product more effectively, this episode is for you.Nick Berry from

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Improve Sales and Customer Success With Personalized Videos

Trying to improve your outbound sales performance? The answer is using personalized videos in your outreach.Want to increase your close rates by 70-100%? Try doing video proposals instead of just sending

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How To Use Video To Build A Massive Audience And Attract High Quality Clients with Henry Kaminski Jr

In this episode we talk with Henry Kaminski, Jr - The Brand Doctor himself! He talks to us about how he got into the video marketing game early on and was able to build an engaged audience of over 100,000

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Online Video For Beginners with George B Thomas

Today I talk with George B Thomas about what it takes to successfully use video in your online communications.George lays down tips on what you need to know, have, and do to get started using video.Discover

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