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TechLaunch Bullpen #17 Winner Ziotag

Tech Launch BullPen #17: Ziotag Claims Investor Award


3 Investor type pitches. Panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors providing constructive criticism. Audience participation.2 winners: Panel choice and Audience choice. Panel choice gets $15,000 of in-kind services and opportunity to pitch to Jumpstart NJ Angels and Tech Council Ventures. All 3 ventures get the opportunity to practice their pitch and possibly excite an investor or two. Ziotag Claims Investor Award Want more information on investing in Ziotag? Fill out the form below:

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how to run a virtual event

How To Run A Virtual Event Your Attendees Will Love

Event Planners & Producers, Video Expert Interviews

Are you an event planner or event producer making the pivot to running virtual events? Trying to figure out the best way to design your event online to match a great in person experience? Our guest today, Will Curran from Endless Events, has been producing small and large scale events for years and brings us his technical expertise to learn how we can host online events that our attendees will love.

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EventTech Podcast

Event Tech Podcast Feature: Ziotag Creating A Searchable Content Database For Attendees


Thank  you, Endless Events, for featuring Ziotag’s revolutionary product on the world leading Event Tech podcast! When an event reaches the end, most planners forget all the amazing content opportunities it can still provide. And especially now with virtual events, the possibilities are endless. Because you have all of these amazing hours of content recorded. They’re at your disposal and, if you make good use of them, at the disposal of your attendees. But what happens once you reach a…

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