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Jeff Paul

Building a Better Future for our Digital Tomorrow


by Jeff Paul CEO/Founder of Ziotag A comfort zone can be a very dangerous place because when people get comfortable, they often get complacent. Going about our daily lives, we often fall into a familiar rhythm, not always stopping to look at things and ask ourselves if something could be improved. Every so often, however, life intervenes, and we are forced to unbury our heads from the sand. When this happens, often a realization occurs that something could be made…

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TechTimes Interviews Ziotag’s CEO – Jeff Paul

Newsroom, Video Expert Interviews

Jeff Paul is a seasoned executive that has worked in the media content space for many years – he’s truly been a part of the evolution, and revolution, of the media content industry. Recently Jeff sat down and gave this video interview with Riene of TechTimes. The world around us is rapidly changing and the needs of content consumers are rapidly changing as well. In this interview Jeff talks about Ziotags clients, how they are using Ziotags products, the types…

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