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ATD Feature: 4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Learning Video Library

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This article was originally featured on the ATD Insights blog, contributed by Ziotag.

With hours of great video content sitting in your library, it’s a shame to see it collecting digital dust.

But what if that video library was being put to use on a regular basis—like it was meant to be? How much more impact would your e-learning platform have on employees? How much more value would it drive for the company?

Thanks to modern technology, getting users to view and engage with your video content is easier and quicker than ever.

Make Your Video Content Searchable

It’s 2020. Everyone in your organization should be able to easily access the golden nuggets and detailed instructions woven throughout your media library.
That used to mean that someone on your team needed to review all of the content, followed by them tagging and archiving it. Then, you sat back and hoped employees would search for content using the same tagged words.

Today, tools using artificial intelligence like Ziotag can automatically transcribe, deep tag, and create contextualization for your entire video library. What’s more, AI technology can make those search results clickable, as well as pull up the exact moment in the video when the search term is being discussed.

Add a Table of Contents

Let’s say you have an hour-long webinar in your system that employees should access regularly for information about best practices. Not all employees will need all of the information every time they access the learning asset.
What happens? Most likely, they hit play, see the 58-minute timeline, and either close down the application or put it on in the background tab and stop paying attention.

There’s a better option. Consider this: When opening a textbook, what’s the first thing most people do? They check the table of contents, right?

Now imagine having a table of contents paired with your learning videos. Employees can easily skim it and click to watch the exact topic that is relevant to them. No more scrubbing through unnecessary content or guess clicking the timeline to try and find the information they need in the video.

Bottom line: a table of content can help your learners easily find, reference back to, or share the exact moments that matter most.

Refresh Your Visuals

Chances are a lot of your video content was created by a thought leader on a topic other than PowerPoint design. That means most of your video presentations are full of boring, text-filled slides that are never read or remembered—even though they’re chock full of great information.
It might be the right time to start thinking about having a professional refresh that visual information to make it more digestible and engaging for your employees. That way, they actually consume and comprehend the topic on hand.

Create a Highlight Reel for Your Content

With a full library of options, how does an employee determine what they should dive into?
Sure, they can pick from dozens of topics. But when they have multiple priorities and need to figure out the best route for the moment, wouldn’t it be easier for them to access a snippet and overview of what to expect from a full training program before they commit to diving in?

Finally, with the new trend of video highlight reels, your employees can get a quick glimpse into what they will see when accessing a full-length course. That means they will be more likely to complete what they start because they knew what they were getting into.

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